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Customer Service Sample Resume

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Customer Service Sample Resume In contrast to the last stage, you may not want to limit you to ultimately a 1-page resume. A typical misconception is that a professional curriculum vitae HAS to be one page. But that’s not really the case nowadays. I while back, prior to the miracles of technology, I might have agreed. But now that many resumes are being read on schooling screen versus on paper, there is need to limit yourself in a way.

Customer Service Sample Resume Those who try to cram all of their info on 1-page resume generally resort to smaller font as well as zero spacing. When seen on screen, this is not a stylish format and it’s hard to study. Now, I’m not stating you should write a 20-page brochure of your experiences, nor am i not advocating the use of size twenty font. Instead, I would point out 12-14 size font need to suffice and I recommend you retain it at two webpages. That leaves plenty of space to say what needs to be mentioned. Of course , if you have limited knowledge then a 1-page resume is going to do just fine.

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