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Student Resume Sample We find Core Competency areas to be fairly worthless within a professional resume and I will tell you why: It doesn’t matter if if you’re a waitress, an management assistant, a nurse, a new teacher, or a sales account manager – it doesn’t matter what kind of record you have – anyone can easily describe themselves as “Self-Motivated”. Anyone can say they are “Goal Oriented” and “Results-Driven” and everybody has “Strong Verbal along with Written Skills” when they may applying for a job.

Student Resume Sample I can state with some degree of certainty that almost all hiring managers and HR managers skip right past the Core Competencies section along with good reason. The key to a effective resume is in SHOWING any manager how you are “Results-Driven” and “Goal Oriented” rather than just TELLING them! Your achievements speak volumes, let them the actual talking. If you are going to include a Key Competencies section, make sure it can unique and adds worth. Again, vagueness will often do the job against you here since it cheapens the experience of reading a resume.

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