Sample Cna Resume

sample of a cna resume commonpenceco
sample of a cna resume commonpenceco

CNA or certified nurse assistant is one of the popular job in united state and for all of you who is looking the job as CNA and need the resume sample to write your resume we have provide the sample that you can download and edit the resume based on your skills and your experiences. But there are several things that you have to know before you want to apply as CNA such as you must have to has ability to take care the some one and also want to help the patient in every condition. For just a sample you have to take a look to the sample below.

A qualified nurse with more than 15 years of experience in the environment and basic care center. Registered and registered with the Health Ministry of Pennsylvania, eligible for direct patient care. Community-based relationships with patients to ensure optimal care. To use health skills in the hospital setting.

Assistant Nurse 12/2010 – 05/2011
Home Church Health Care at Home – San Francisco, CA
● Care and monitoring at the hospital is now a nursing home.
• Facilitate patient care in post-treatment care and promote disinfection / medical operations during treatment. ● Check the patient’s condition and report changes to the appropriate medical staff.
● Maintain cleanliness and clean equipment, clean the pipes, clean and manage the city, collect wounds and treat patients.
● Safe patient transport, contact with the nurse and record progress.
● Manage pain management products that give customers every day convenience.
● Introduction such as tin fluid IV and fluid regulation and surgery at the clinic.

10/2007 – 10/2010 Primary care provider – San Francisco brothers initiative to monitor patients in California. Working as a home nurse, it is
● helping patients in everyday activities like eating, swimming, dressing and caring. Make sure there is a thick supply and recommended medication to treat the pain and not the current medical advice.
● We have examined the serious symptoms and blood sugar levels to ensure the effectiveness of the drug.
● Facilitate health screening to report on current health care situation. Reports changes in health status of medical personnel who keep records.

Certified Nursing Assistant, 05/2000 – 07/2007
Dudi Home Service – Texas
● Provides daily activities for bathing, clothing, nursing, food and leisure. Using the patient’s help helps identify and identify exports, and appeal and critical signs.
● Transmission issues have been solved by a merchant member or by using appropriate transmission technology and using dream-based technology using a configuration.
● Prevent wounds and unhealthy wounds by using speed and rotation / position.
● To properly report health representatives to review skin and disappearance and gastrointestinal drugs

Heart University
Nursing/Clinical Coursework

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